Administration Staff

Lorie Judd

Assistant Regional Manager

Lorie Judd is proud to call Big Bear her hometown and is thrilled to be taking care of the park system that took care of her as she grew up.   Lorie has been with Big Bear Recreation and Park District since 2002.  She has worked her way up the ranks; starting as an Office Clerk and was quickly promoted to a Staff Analyst where she prepared the budget and monitored the District’s finances and acted as the District’s HR Officer.  In 2007, Lorie was promoted to Assistant Regional Manager for Special Districts, stationed in Big Bear.  Lorie is currently responsible for the day-to-day operations of Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District; providing direction for the park and recreation staff and is constantly pushing staff to think outside of the box.  Lorie is passionate about the valley’s parks and facilities and is constantly seeking ways to improve operations, staff efficiency and employee morale.  

Recreation Opportunities

Adult Sports
Youth Sports
Special Events
Activity Classes
Senior Activities

Kindal Voss

Office Manager