Welcome To Big Bear Parks  & Recreation District


All of our parks are now open for use this includes playground equipment, tennis/pickle ball courts, picnic/BBQ areas, shade shelters, dog parks, parking lots and restrooms. Please follow current COVID-19 guidelines


The Baseball/Softball/Soccer Fields at Meadow Park and Sugarloaf will open April


Big Bear Alpine Zoo is open daily from 10am to 4pm 

The Senior Center is now open for meal program for those that are pre-qualified and are pre-registered.


When using any of our facilities please follow current COVID-19 guidelines.


For questions please call 909-866-9700

Big Bear
Alpine Zoo
Volunteers Needed!

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  1. Fostering Harmonious Relationships Between Parks and Public.

  1. Promoting Interaction Among Various Age Groups.

  1. Developing United Community Spirit Through Education and Cooperation.

  1. Providing a Positive Example Through Role Modeling and Integrity.

  1. Encouraging Healthy Life Styles Through Fun Programming.

  1. Improving and Upgrading Parks and Amenities.

Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District will enhance community by promoting healthy activities and positive recreational experiences and strives to maintain a standard of excellence through our people, parks and programs.

Breaking News!

Beyond the Bell

Beyond the Bell
Before & After School Care

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We Strive To Make A Difference



We Believe We Can Make A Difference

  1. Leading the Way Through Health And Wellness In Our Community.

  1. Protecting Environmental Resources.

  2. Supporting Economic Development.

  1. Fostering Human Development.

  1. Strengthening Safety and Security.

  1. Increasing Cultural Unity.