Parks and Facilities

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How To Reserve

The District Office staff is here to help you make the most of your event. With one phone call, staff will help you plan your event, determine what your use fee and possible deposit will be, ascertain which facility meets your needs and if it is available the day of your event. Once a facility is reserved, we will mark it in our calendar, tentatively holding your date for two weeks, giving you time to meet your portion of the agreement to confirm your rental. This include paying the rental fee, any required deposit and obtaining a certificate of insurance.

How To Rent

Facility rental fees vary. Please contact the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District Office to determine your use fee.

A reservation permit will need to be completed listing the date, time, and place of your event. Staff will need to know EVERYTHING you are planning during your event to assure that there are no surprises by either party the day of your event. The renting party will need to sign the permit, accepting responsibility for the facility and agreeing to the rules and regulations regarding the rentals.

Use fees will need to be paid and some facilities have a required refundable and non-refundable deposit.

All facility rentals require a certificate of insurance. This certificate of insurance must be for 1 million dollars liability and must list the Big Bear Valley Recreation and Park District and the County of San Bernardino as additionally insured. These insurance policies may be obtained through your home owner’s insurance policy (usually at a lower rate) or our District Staff will help you obtain your certificate through Drivers Alliant Insurance Services. Depending on what type of event you are having, the policy can vary between $85.00 to $350.00.

Available Facilities To Lease

  1. Dana Point Park

  2. Erwin Lake Park

  3. Meadow Park

  4. Miller Park

  5. Senior Center

  6. Ski Beach Park

  7. Sugarloaf Park

  8. Swim Beach

Please Contact Us If You Need More Specific Rental Information